Announcement of competition







The contest has the aim to select and promote contemporary artists at an international level which stand out for the originality and quality of their works.

The competition consists in the realization of several exhibition events and the awarding of five main awards.

The exhibitions of all the participating works will take place in Venice, Palazzo Zenobio, Dorsoduro 2596, from october, 27th to october, 30th 2012.

The presantation of the awards will take place in Venice, Palazzo Zenobio, on october, sunday 28th, at 4 p.m.

A special exhibition with a selection of the partecipating artists, selected by the Panel will take place at Zamenhof Gallery, Milan, via Zamenhof 11, within 12/31/2013 in a period still to be identified.

The personal exhibitions of the winners of the single awards will take place either at Zamenhof Gallery or at Atelier Chagall, Milan, Alzaia Naviglio Grande 4, within 12/31/2013 in a period still to be identified.

To every winner will be assigned a curator who will take charge of the selection of works, of the critical texts and of the installing.






It includes works to be hung on a wall made with any technique, material and on any kind of back-up.

The format limit is cm 100x100.



It includes works on paper made through drawing or traditional techniques of engraving.

The format limit is cm 100x100.



It includes works in the round made with any material.

The format limit for the sculptures is cm 60x60x120.

For the installations the limit occupation, at the ground, is cm 200x200.

The artists that present installations must personally install the work, agreeing with the organization on the terms and modalities.



It includes works to be hung on a wall made by traditional and/or digital photo technique.

The format limit is cm 100x100.





The Contest is open to everybody without any distinction: beginners, emerging, and professionals of italian or foreign nationality.

There are no limits of age or curriculum.

The subject is free. The deadline for the subscription is september 30th, 2012.



The Contest provides for the acceptance of the regulations and the payment of a registration fee of  € 50,00 (organization and administration fee) for the partecipation to one of the categories of the Contest.

It is anyway possible to partecipate to more than one category. For any further category it will be necessary to pay an additional fee of € 30,00.

The registration fee can be settled by POSTAL ORDER, sent to the board organizing the Contest: Associazione Culturale Zamenhof Art, via Zamenhof 11, 20136 Milano; or through BANK CHEQUE with the same head; or through BANK TRANFER on C/C n.30498 in the name of Ass. Cult. Zamenhof Art, Banca Popolare di Milano, ag. 17, IBAN IT 80 M 05584 01617 000000030498; CODE SWIFT  BPMIITMMXXX.

It can also be delivered PERSONALLY, going to Galleria Zamenhof, via Zamenhof 11, Milano, in the opening days and time: from wednesday to sunday from 3 to 7 p.m.


The registration fee will not be refundable.

For further information please phone to Zamenhof Gallery in the opening days and time: (+39) 02.83660823.



For a better evaluation of the quality and poetics of the artists of the Contest, to partecipate you have to send uniquely by e-mail a minimum of 3 (three) and a maximum of 7 (seven) photographs of as many works for each category you intend to partecipate to.

The panel will select a work from each category of each registered artist and will promptly communicate which of the works has to be sent for the exhibition.

For this reason the photographs must be necessarily of available works. The photographs of the works must be of high quality, without any reflection or deformation. The file names must specify: name and surname of the author, title, technique and back-up, dimensions, year of realization and price for a potential sale.

The e-mail of the photo files must also contain the following data of the author: surname, name, birth year, address and telephone number; in addition it must contain the proof of payment of the subscription fee.

The material must be sent by e-mail uniquely to the following address:




The participants will be informed by e-mail about which of the works has been selected for the exhibition of the Contest. This work has to be sent by and no later than october, 20th 2012 to the following address: Palazzo Zenobio, Dorsoduro 2596, 30123 Venezia, Italy.

In case of a painting, a photograph or graphics, the work must be properly framed and/or equipped with hangers for the exhibition.

During the exhibitions works will be put on sale at the price indicated by the author. In case of a sale the artist will reserve a 30% fee to the exhibition area.

The Panel reserves the right not to admit to the Contest works that may be offensive or unacceptable. In this case the subscription fee will be refunded.



Art. 4 – AWARDS


A) Emilio Vedova Award for the best abstract work. The awards refers to abstract works in any style or technique (e.g.: gestual, informal materic, geometric, colorfield painting, decollage, etc.). The award consists in a plaque and a free personal exhibition in one of the rooms of Zamenhof Gallery in Milan (commercial value € 1800).


B) Marc Chagall Award for the best figurative work. The awards refers to figurative works about any theme, in any style or technique. With ‘figurative’ we mean any work where you may recognize a figure or an image connected to a real subject, more or less stylized. The award consists in a plaque and a free personal exhibition at Atelier Chagall in Milan (commercial value € 1500).


C) Man Ray Award for the best photo or digital work. The award consists in a plaque and a free personal exhibition in one of the rooms of Zamenhof Gallery in Milan (valore commerciale € 1800).


D) Jean Michel Basquiat Award for under 30 artists. The award consists in a plaque and a free personal exhibition in one of the rooms of Zamenhof Gallery in Milan (commercial value € 1800).


E) Zamenhof Award for a restricted selection of artists, including the winners of the previous four awards. The award consists in a free collective exhibition, with a work each artist,at Zamenhof Gallery in Milan.


F) Lucio Fontana Award Praise for the most innovative work. The award consists in a plaque.


G) Pablo Picasso Award Praise for the most versatile artist, who has been able to distinguish in at least three out from the four artistic categories (painting, sculpture, graphics and photogrphy). The award consists in a plaque.


The plaques of the various awards will be subsequently posted to the winners at the address indicated by the artist in the subscription e-mail.



Art. 5 – PANEL

Riccardo Licata (honorary chairman) – internationally renowned artist; Virgilio Patarini - Artist, critic and e curator, director of Zamenhof Gallery, author of catalogues edited by Ed. Giorgio Mondadori; Valentina Carrera – Artist and curator, director of Atelier Chagall in Milan; Marco Agostinelli – artist and artistic director of Palazzo Zenobio in Venice; Michele Govoni – jounalist and critic for “La Nuova Ferrara”; Izabella Lubiniecka – curator and author of issues about contemporary art for the editor Harmattan in Paris; Massimo Nicotra – Artist and curator, artistic director  of Ar(T)cevia Festival from its establishment to 2011; Barbara Vincenzi – curator.

The decisions of the Panel are unquestionable.horus+isis